Sunday Thanksgiving (October 2021)

Ministering: Pastor Adeboye
Topic: Divine Involvement
Text: 2 Chronicles 20: 20-30

Involvement means to have a hand in a situation.

Divine involvement is God having a hand in your situation. Matthew 8: 1-3

• When God is involved, the incurable can be cured.

  • Naaman’s leprosy. 2 Kings 5: 1-14
  • The man born blind. John 9: 1-7

• When God is involved with an individual, He can turn a failure to a success overnight. Luke 5: 1-7

• When God is involved with you, you can get sudden accelerated promotion.
1 Samuel 16: 1-13

• When God has a hand in your situation, He will grant you unusual favour.

  • Joseph’s promotion. Genesis 39
    God sends help to you when He’s involved with you.

What happens when God gest involved in the affairs of a nation?

  1. God will put an end to terrorism.
  • Goliath terrorized Israel for 40 days & nights. 1 Samuel 17. But God got involved, and silenced him permanently using a small boy.
  1. The people will be protected from pandemics. Exodus 12: 1-36
  2. He can turn the tide economically.
  • God turned the economic tide for Samaria within 24 hours. 2 Kings 7
  1. He can solve a national crisis overnight. Exodus 14

▪︎When God is involved, He will prove Himself in such a a manner that everyone will know that this can only be God.
▪︎If only you would praise God today like you’ve never done before, very soon, people will come to you to know your secret.

When God speaks, it is done.
When He gives a word, it is settled.
But it is only settled for His people.

Salvation Call
If you want to surrender your life to God, and be on His side, cry unto Him for mercy.
Ask Him to save your soul.

Promise Him you’ll have nothing more to do with the devil.

Prayer Point:

Praise God and Worship Him today, and watch Him get involved in your Affairs.



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