May 2021 Holy Communion Service.

Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye.
Topic: Overflowing Blessings
Text: John 6:5-13

From our text, one thing to note is this, the small lunch from the boy was small even when Jesus gave thanks and when he broke the bread. The food did not start to multiply until Jesus handed over the food to His disciples.
By the reason of this communion, every thing you lay your hands upon will multiply.

When you drink the wine, you will receive power to perform miracles. When you eat the bread, you will never fall sick and you will enjoy good health. When the disciples received the communion, they never fell sick and they performed miracles. Even after the ascension of Jesus, Paul ate the communion too and received power to perform miracles. He drank the wine and the anointing overflowed to his handkerchiefs and aprons.

The communion brought the same results it brought to Peter. You will take the same communion tonight and you will receive the same power to perform miracles.
This power however is not available to everyone, it is only available to those who are for God, those who have given their life to Him. If you have not given your life to Christ, please do so now.

Prayer points:
1) Father, by the reason of this communion, let every sickness in my body be washed away in the name o Jesus
2) Father, please give me overflowing joy in the name of Jesus.
3) Father, please give me overflowing peace, overflowing health, overflowing abundance.



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