God Bless You – Pt 6

June 2021 Holy Ghost Service
Ministering: Pastor Adeboye
Topic: Peace Be Still
Text: Genesis 1:28

‘God bless you’ means the Almighty God will summon all the forces in heaven, on earth and underneath the earth to come to your aid.

• If you’re blessed, you can still any storm.
• Physically, a storm is formed when the wind and water begin to work together in a forceful, irregular manner.
• Jesus on your side, means you have the One whom the wind and the sea must obey.
Mark 4: 35-41
• Even your breathing must obey Him, because He is the One who gave you breath. Genesis 2:7
Your blood also must obey Him.
• Your blood is like the water, and your breath is like the wind.
• God on your side means, if there is any storm generated by enemies that have been in your generations, the storm can be stilled. Exodus 14: 1-28

• Is there any storm being generated in your office, business, marriage, family?
Because all forces are to cooperate with you, the storm can be stilled.
• If a storm is stirred up against you, the Lion of Judah will support you. Revelation 5: 1-5, 1 Kings 13: 1-26
• When you are blessed, angels support you! Because angels must obey the Lord of hosts. Psalm 24:10
• Are you in a storm just because you refused to compromise? Daniel 3

God is:

  • The Ever Present Help. Psalm 46:1
  • The Inseparable Friend. Hebrews 13:5

• You are blessed, and so everything created must cooperate with you. Isaiah 43:2
• I want you to be encouraged, because nothing happens except God allows it.
• Whenever God allows a storm to come your way, it is for a purpose and a good purpose at that.

It could be for any of these purposes:

  1. To check how solid your foundation is. Matthew 7: 44-47
  2. To teach you a lesson on faith. Mark 4: 35-41
  3. To give you an opportunity to do what no one has done before. Matthew 14: 22-23
    To help you discover the potential to do that which nobody has done before.
  4. To shake away from your life things that shouldn’t be there.
    Hebrews 12: 25-28
    God can allow a storm in your life so that those who are pretending to be your friends can leave.
  5. To tell you that a new beginning is around the corner. John 20: 19-23



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