June 2021 Holy Communion Service

Theme: Peace Be Still
Text: John 21: 9-12
Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

• Peter was in a big storm; he was worried & his future uncertain.
He had denied the Lord, and was in need of restoration & revival.

• To get him out of the storm, all the Lord said was ‘come & dine’.

• Are you worried?
The Lord is saying to you;
‘come and dine, don’t worry’
Philippians 4: 6-7, John 14:1

• Your future is settled. Isaiah 3:10

• You’re worried because you’re not even sure you’re living up to the expectations of God, or you’re just tired, the Lord is saying ‘come and dine’.
Isaiah 40:31

• Just stay with the Lord.

• The Lord says He will restore unto you that which is lost. Joel 2:25

• Or perhaps you need revival?
The answer to that is ‘come & dine’. Isaiah 43:19

• After Peter dined with the Lord that day he regained everything he had lost.

• You can regain all that has been lost also; just make sure you’re a true child of God.

Salvation Call:

  • If you’re not yet a child of God, go before the Lord, and cry to Him for mercy.
  • If you’re a backslider, ask the Lord to restore you and give you the grace to be steadfast.

Prayer Points

When you take the bread tonight; your prayer:

  1. By the power in the broken body of Christ, every storm in my body must be stilled tonight.

When you drink the wine; your prayer:

  1. By the power in the shed blood of Jesus, every spiritual storm in my life must be stilled tonight.



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