January 2022 Holy Ghost Service

Topic: Fresh Air
Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye
Text: Genesis 2:7

• The very first time man came in contact with fresh air from God, man was an ordinary dust.

  • God formed man of the dust of the earth.
  • It was dust until God breathed into his nostrils, the breath of life.
  • Man became a living soul. Matthew 16:26, Job 27:3, Job 33:4, Ecclesiastes 12:7
  • The moment a man stops breathing, he begins to rot.
  • God breathed on Samuel. He went from a houseboy to a kingmaker. 1 Samuel 3:1-9, 1 Samuel 10:1.
  • He became a king remover. 1 Samuel 15:16-29

• Fresh air can mean that not only is your siege over, it is over permanently. Exodus 2:23-25

  • The siege was over in Israel. Exodus 12
  • The enemies tried to bring them back. Exodus 14:1-20
  • God breathed life into them. Exodus 15:8-11
  • The siege was over permanently. Exodus 14:21-28

• God breathed into the dry bones. Ezekiel 37:1-10
• When fresh wind blows, hope is restored, opportunities are reversed. Ecclesiastes 9:4

  • God can reverse the irreversible. Romans 4:17-21

• Breathing on me can mean the beginning of Holy Ghost Power. John 20:21-23

  • God anointed Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost and power. Acts 10:38
  • From now on, you receive power.
    • Fresh air is a peculiar power. Acts 13:11-12

• Fresh air could mean second wind.

  • When you are running a long distance race, where you are so tired and feel like stopping.
    +Then you feel a sudden strength. That process of feeling energized is the second wind. Joshua 1:1-8, Luke 5:1-11, Matthew 26:69-75, John 21:1-19

• Fresh air could mean adding petrol to fire. Matthew 3:3-7

  • Fresh air could mean you have had a dose of power before. Acts 3:1-11, Acts 4:4

• Fresh air could mean keeping the fire burning permanently.

  • God said the fire must not go out. Leviticus 6:13
  • God is saying you would never backslide.
  • God is saying my sheep hears my voice and few hear my whisper
  • From tonight onwards, you would be hearing His whisper
  • Fire needs fresh air to be kept going.
  • When Peter got out of prison, he breathed fresh air. Acts 12:5-11
  • You can shut out the fresh air by locking your door. Revelation 3:20
  • If you want to hear His voice, harden not your heart.



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