Holy Ghost Service (November, 2021)

Ministering: Pastor Adeboye
Topic: The Appointed Time
Text: Habbakuk 2: 1-3

• Before you were born, God wrote a play.
You and I are to be actors and actresses in the play.
• He is also the Producer of the play. Psalm 33:11
• Regardless of what the actors and actresses try, the Author’s script will stand. Proverbs 19:21
• However, because He is the Writer of the play, He can change some things in the play. 1 Samuel 2:30, Genesis 32: 24-29
• The one who will act any part has been chosen by the Author. Jeremiah 1: 4-5
• The mere fact that you’re still alive today means God has not finished with you yet.
• Before you were born, He had already pointed out the section of the play where you will come in, and what you will do, and when you will be done.

  • John the Baptist was to advertise Jesus.
    • The timing of God, like everything about Him, is always perfect.
    • Every man/woman has their appointed time.

The question now is how do I know my appointed time has come?

  1. When your day comes, you will get a divine Visitor, irrespective of your location.

▪︎God Himself can be your divine Visitor.
▪︎Your divine visitor can be just the Word.
▪︎God can send you an angel.
The angel God sends to you may be a human being. 2 Kings 5: 1-14
▪︎When your appointed time comes, God may send you a prophet.

  1. You get an urge to be hospitable, generous, to serve God, and to be a blessing.
  2. God will replace prophecies with a decree.
    • Some prophecies are conditional. Isaiah 3:10
    But decrees are unconditional.
    • A prophecy may be dependent on time, but not so with a decree. It is immediate.
  3. You’ve heard of the Almighty God, but when your time comes, you experience Him yourself.
    • You have heard testimonies, but then you share your own testimony.

You have a part to play to ensure your appointed time comes:
• Every opportunity you have, seize it.

  • Abraham ran towards his divine visitors.
  • Bartimaeus called out loudly to Jesus.

• As you seize the opportunity, ensure that whatever you do, you do diligently. Proverbs 22:9
• Learn to wait upon the Lord. Isaiah 40:31
• Learn to pray until you get results.



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