God Bless You – Pt 5

May 2021 Holy Ghost Service
Friday, 7th May 2021
Ministering: Pastor Adeboye
Topic: Overflowing Blessings
Bible Text: Genesis 1:28

  • Replenish means refill. Fill up something that had been emptied.
  • From your blessings, bring blessings to others. Let your blessings overflow to others.
  • Because you have been blessed, become a blessing.
    Malachi 3:10, Deuteronomy 28: 1, 2, 11, 12
  • Your blessings will overflow to others; the blessing is for you to be a blessing to others.
  • A blessing is a summon to all forces in heaven, earth and under the earth to help you succeed.

Types of Overflowing Blessings:


  • Great joy. Luke 2:10
  • Exceeding great joy. Matthew 2:10
  • Joy unspeakable. 1 Peter 1:8


  • Great peace.
  • The Peace of God that passes all understanding. Philippians 4:7


  • The ability to pray is a gift that summons the Almighty to come and help you. Jeremiah 33:3

The ability to praise God.

  • The blessing of praising God is a great one because it draws God closer. John 4:24
  • Use that ability to help others.


  • If you have faith, you can please God. Hebrews 11:6
  • There is a faith that is a gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • When you have that kind of faith, not only will you be able to move your mountains, you will move the mountains of others.
  1. Anointing
  • Anointing activates your destiny. Acts 13:21-22

There are tremendous blessings that are meant for children of God alone.

Surrender your life to Jesus Christ and He will bless you with overflowing blessings.



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