April 2021 Thanksgiving Service (Destined to win)

April 2021 Thanksgiving Service
Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Topic: Destined to win
Text: Revelation 1:18

Destined to Win has two important words. Destined and Win. Destined is from the word destiny. In Jeremiah 1, we see that even before every child is born he already has a destiny.

God’s plan and purpose for our lives is embedded in our destiny and according to Jeremiah 29, His plans for us are of good and not evil. Destiny has a way of moving you in mysterious ways towards where you will achieve God’s plan for your life. Consider the example of Moses, he was destined to save his people and he was trained in the house of the enemy.

The second word there is “Win”. The word win gives us the title winner which means the one who came first or victorious in a competition or a war. Life itself is a competition.

We daily pray that we get better than our contemporaries, that itself is an example of competition. Much more than a competition, life is warfare. When you realize the battles facing you, you realize that life is warfare for you as a child of God. In the warfare you will win.

The more you are blessed, the greater the enemies you attract. In the name of the one who is called the almighty, you will win. The Bible makes us understand in Isaiah 54 that weapons will be formed against you, it is just that they won’t prosper against you. In Isaiah 41, He says He will help you and those who gather against you will fall because you are destined to win.

You are destined to win because Jesus is destined to win. Jesus died and rose on the third day, He won. Remember that before the foundation of the earth, you were chosen in Christ. So as He wins, you win.

Many are destined to fail and lose because they were not chosen with Christ before the foundation of the earth. So how do you become part of the chosen? It is written, Isaiah 3:11, if you are not a child of God, you cannot enjoy Victory in him.

Prayer Point: Father, my future is in your hands, let it be alright.



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