April 2021 Divine Encounter (God Bless You – Pt 4)

April 2021 Divine Encounter
Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye.
Topic: Blessed Fruits (Generational Blessings)
Text: Genesis 12:1-3

There are generational curses, as well as generational blessings.
My prayer for everyone of you is that your generation will be blessed.

There is also a kind of prosperity known as generational prosperity, Genesis 22: 15-18, 24: 34-35.
God blessed Abraham greatly, He transferred the Blessing to Isaac, Isaac became greatly wealthy and then he transferred the blessings to the grandson Jacob and Jacob became exceedingly wealthy.

My prayer for everyone of you is that
1) You will be greatly blessed
2) Your Children will be greatly blessed
3) Your grand children will be greatly blessed.

Generational blessings started in the time of Abraham. A man who paid tithe even before the Law. He had been paying first fruit sacrifice long before Solomon was born. In Gen 13:18, we see that Abraham was an addicted worshiper and everywhere he went, he built an altar for God. His addiction to worship attracted God’s blessing for him and his Generation. The future prosperity of your children is in your hands. but In Prov 30:22, we see that a sinner might lose his wealth because he is not of God.

In every wealthy family of the world, you will always find one man who attracted the generational blessings for the family. but remember, even if you are from a wealthy home and the blessing is passed down to you, when you live without salvation, somehow and someway you will lose the blessing.

If you have not given your life to Christ and you are still living in sin, come out now and surrender your life to Christ.

Prayer Point: Father, please bless me, bless my children, bless my grandchildren and bless my generation unborn.



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